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What is the Auto Armor Kit? And How Will My Vehicle Benefit?

When you buy or lease a Honda, it's only natural to want to protect your investment from harm. That's why our Honda dealership near Elim, PA, has partnered with Auto Armor® Ultimate Protection to help keep your Honda looking and feeling its best no matter how long you've owned it. What is Auto Armor? Auto Armor Ultimate Protection is a new car detail service offered at Thomas Team Honda. Our Honda service techs can apply Auto Armor Paint Protection or Auto Armor Interior Protection products to preserve the appearance of your new or used Honda vehicle. The Auto Armor car care kit comes with an impressive warranty and requires cars to meet select eligibility rules. Read our Auto Armor review below and contact Thomas Team Honda with any further questions. We're here to help!

Auto Armor Ultimate Protection Eligibility Requirements

Auto Armor car protection products can be applied to new Honda vehicles bought or leased this current model year, plus five model years after the time of product application. Used Honda vehicles are also eligible and must not be older than six model years at the time of product application.

Auto Armor Warranty and Benefits

Auto Armor products are backed by a 7-year Limited Warranty Term for your peace of mind. Both Auto Armor Paint and Interior Protection packages also include rental car reimbursement as an added incentive for Pennsylvania drivers.

Auto Armor Paint Protection

If you want to protect your Honda with Auto Armor paint sealant, select the Auto Armor Paint Protection package, which safeguards your Honda from:

  • UV rays, chalking, fading and loss of gloss
  • Hard water spots
  • Insect damage
  • Bird waste
  • Rail dust
  • Acid rain
  • Road salt
  • Brake dust
  • Tree sap
  • Ocean spray
  • Paint overspray

Auto Armor Interior Protection

Interested in Auto Armor fabric protection? Select the Auto Armor Interior Protection package and have your Honda interior protected from:

  • Crayons
  • Dye transfer
  • Ice cream
  • Burns
  • Bleach, dye and ink
  • Make-up
  • Beverages
  • Rips, punctures and tears
  • Fast food

Got Rust? Ask About Auto Armor Undercoating and Rust Treatment!

Rust and corrosion can decrease the value of your vehicle, so protect your car by getting our Auto Armor Undercoating and Rust treatment! Your car's undercoating is constantly exposed to harsh elements such as salt, dirt and grime, and is exceptionally hard to clean. If not properly maintained, your vehicle could fall victim to corrosion. Our Honda service team fights this by applying a unique undercoating formula that safeguards against corrosion and rust. It won't negatively affect your vehicle's exhaust or brakes and it'll keep your car's value intact. It'll even protect your Honda from small road debris, moisture and chemicals!

For more information about Auto Armor Entire Car Protection, contact Thomas Team Honda. Our Honda service advisers are happy to walk you through the benefits of our Auto Armor packages!

Our used car warranty is just one way we like to reward our loyal customers, so value your trade today and trade in and trade up to a new Honda at Thomas Team Honda!

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