Are you on the hunt for a truck that can streamline your life in Johnstown, PA? With the Honda Ridgeline, that's possible. The exterior of this popular pickup truck is engineered to make every task easier, so you can save time each and every day.

If you've ever needed to plug in a power tool when you're off the grid, the Honda Ridgeline has your back. It comes with an outlet in the truck bed, so you have a handy source of power anywhere you go. Whether you're operating a drill or setting up camp, this means that there's no need for an extension cord.

While you work, listen to your favorite music with the Honda Ridgeline's available Truck Bed Audio System. Using speakers in the bed itself, this system helps you enjoy tunes in the great outdoors. Check out the audio levels when you pop into Thomas Team Honda to take a test drive.

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