Although automotive safety and connectivity may seem unrelated, it is a vehicle’s technology features that contribute to each of those areas. The Honda CR-V, for example is well-equipped for both connectivity and safety. This will create not only a more satisfying Johnstown commute but also a safer one.

Whether you like HondaLink of the USB audio interface better, both of these make owning a Honda CR-V more convenient. With the former, you can easily receive urgent notifications related to your vehicle, while the latter allows you and your passengers to access a compatible smartphone’s music and calling capabilities.

Changing lanes can pose some risks to drivers due the various blind spots that most vehicles have. This is why the Blind Spot Information System was designed, and its rear bumper sensors can trigger an accident-preventing alert if necessary. The Cross Traffic Monitor of the Honda CR-V operates similarly. Thomas Team Honda appreciates the extra safety that CR-V drivers will have.


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