At Thomas Team Honda, we want our customers to be able to maintain their cars for optimal performance and longevity. This is why we are providing information about car wax and some of its benefits when applied to a vehicle.

Wax is a hydrocarbon substance that remains solid at room temperature. You obviously cannot apply solid wax to your car as it will not stick. This is why car wax contains a mixture of wax, oil, and solvents to make it more malleable or spreadable like a paste. The source of the wax can vary. It can come from waxy plants such as the carnauba plant, or it can be made synthetically from silicone materials. Regardless of the source of the wax, all car waxes provide the same benefits to your car.

Reasons to apply car wax to your car include protecting your cars exterior, especially the paint, from elements such as rain, snow, dust, and other pollutants. Car wax also helps fill in dents and scratches in your car, protecting it from further damage. Wax is also hydrophobic, meaning that water will slide off the car. Car wax will even improve your cars appearance by giving it a shine and making the paint appear more uniform.


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