The Honda Accord has always been an iconic car, but the new design is even more appealing. With a tighter look, this newest version of the Honda Accord was designed to draw attention and keep it. There are many exterior features that make this happen. To learn more about these features, read on!

The front of the car has sharp eyes with its new LED headlights. The grill is more aerodynamic than it used to be, making this model faster and stronger. The sides feature LED taillights which are not only great for the environment but also safer than regular Taillights. Air scoops on the car's hood draw in cold air and allow for more horsepower and speed.

The interior of the car is very sleek and modern. Air vents made from Gorilla Glass make this possible, as does a 12-speaker sound system. There is also wireless phone charging, which makes it simpler than ever to keep your phones charged while you drive!


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