The Honda CR-V Hybrid is a new SUV from Honda that offers not only great gas mileage, but also an affordable price. The car has the ability to travel up to 700 miles on just one gallon of gas and can get up to 45 mpg in town and 50 mpg on the highway. This hybrid model is available for purchase in either a four-door or five-passenger two-door version.

This model is also equipped with what Honda calls an Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) body structure, which was developed to absorb the energy from a frontal offset collision and then disperse that force throughout the vehicle so it doesn't impact other passengers in the car. In addition to the ACE body structure, this vehicle comes with an all-wheel drive system that helps provide stability for drivers during turns and braking.

The CR-V Hybrid has a light weight design, which allows it to be more fuel efficient than similar SUVs on the road . This automobile also comes equipped with energy absorbing crumple zones to help protect passengers during a collision.


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