How do you decide which warranty to get? Should you get a powertrain warranty or a bumper-to-bumper warranty? What are the advantages and the differences? Very good questions. Our Johnstown, PA Thomas Team Honda team hears them every day. Here are the short, easy answers you seek.

Comprehensive, Classic

A bumper-to-bumper warranty, also called comprehensive, covers everything from your car's back bumper to its front bumper, except the bumpers themselves. This coverage encompasses the powertrain. However, since the comprehensive warranty covers so many components, its lifespan is often shorter than the coverage period of a powertrain warranty.

Powertrain Warranty

This type of warranty can span six or more years on both new and CPO vehicles. It covers all major and some related components of your vehicle's powertrain. This system includes the parts that generate power, the engine, and transmission in particular. Some powertrain warranties even cover some related parts, such as the differential. Like a comprehensive warranty, the powertrain warranty does not cover parts subject to wear and tear during normal daily and seasonal use.

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