What Services Are Essential? 

Safety related services on vehicles that customers need to get food, medicine, or to travel to help another in need are essential services. For example the following vehicle systems are safety related:

·       Brakes

·       Tires

·       Steering and suspension

·       Stalling, lack of power

·       Service engine light

·       Battery, electrical, charging system

·       Lights

·       Electronic assists

·       Computer modules and sensors

·       Transmissions, axles, drive-lines

·       Engine noise

By definition, a state safety inspection is essential, but if the sticker is good for another month, we should advise that it be postponed. 

Examples of non-essential services would be maintenance or repairs to a recreational vehicle or a maintenance item that could be postponed without creating a safety concern.  An oil change that was just becoming due on a vehicle that wasn't going to have a lot of miles put on could be postponed.  However, if a vehicle was due for an oil change and that vehicle was being used every day for transporting people in need of care or transporting essential goods, then an oil change could be essential to keep that vehicle operating properly and safely.  Ultimately, our customer must decide if the service is essential.  We can advise.



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