Powerful Protection. 
Powerful Peace of Mind. 
Our families' health and safety are important to us and we know it's important to you. Which is why Thomas Automotive is now applying PermaSafe Interior Protection to every vehicle we sell, 
free of charge.

What is PermaSafe?
PermaSafe is a highly durable, Vehicle Disinfectant and Long Term Microbial Control System and Surface Protectant engineered specifically for automotive use. This product is eco-friendly, and EPA Approved to disinfect and eliminate 99.9% of germs, bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold, mildew, and other harmful microorganisms, that can be hazardous to passenger health, as well as existing allergens and odors. PermaSafe repels liquids making the surfaces it is applied to resistant to stains, degradation, fading, and discoloration.

How Does it Work?
Upon application, the antimicrobial agent in PermaSafe SHIELD creates a molecular bond to the surface which it is applied to, becoming a permanent part of that surface. Once cured, the antimicrobial coating is invisible and completely harmless to humans and pets! Because the cell walls of harmful microbes are negatively charged, they are drawn towards the positively charged antimicrobial spikes by electrostatic attraction. The result, is an  instant electrostatic charge that deconstructs and eliminates the microbe on contact.

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